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So, hubby is in medical school— third year, which means rotations just began. He is currently in surgical rotations, which he LOVES, but is never home. I didn’t figure that he could be less present than while he was studying anatomy and pharmacology during his first two years. But alas. He leaves the house at 4:30AM and comes home around 8:00PM– when he’s not on call. And then he studies and writes about all the surgeries he assisted during the week. I’m glad it’s fun for him, but I’m about to lose it. And I’m only two weeks into the third year. Pace it out, Keegan.

I feel bad complaining (but only a bit) when I know there are mothers out there whose hubby travels all the time or puts in 100 hour weeks at the office. It’s just fucked up. Who ever said that raising children should/can be a one-person job? Even now that I’m working out of the house part-time, I’m still solely responsible for preparing and cleaning up every meal, nap times and bed times, and all meltdowns in between. It is not anyone’s fault, because life is what it is, but what is the answer to finding balance?

My hunch is that it is all about family– extended family. I have a couple girlfriends who have parents, aunts, uncles and the works all within a 10-mile radius. They drop their children off for a weekend with the auntie and fly off to Vegas for a wedding- just wife and hubby. Or they have schedules set up for the children to visit Granny every Sunday. Hallelujah to that!

Our family lives in California, Colorado, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. We live in Massachusetts. When rotations are over and the real fun of residency starts up, we ARE moving closer to family… for the children of course.


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It is a beautiful New England summer. Everyone is outside boating, camping, and picnicking…and the kids are home full-time. I just started a full-time job, and I’m curious to see how long this blog lasts, never mind my clean house, cooked meals, and sanity. I have one four-year old and one two-year old and yet another due in three months. But when you have the “If I don’t use my brain for something other than a new waffle recipe” bug, you have to scratch. Or at least I do.

I have to say that I have, after four years of being a stay-home mommy, adapted relatively well to the lifestyle. Most of my friends are also stay-at-home moms; we meet at the park and gab (in the summer. During the long winter, we share hot cups of coffee at each other’s homes), we get together after the kids are down and vent. My life is a hectic mix of laundry, cooking, cleaning, and kisses and hugs. It is quite rewarding. And as I write this, I miss my children. For me, however, the rewards will be more apparent, and more appreciated, if I cut down the hours just a bit and share my energy with the outer world. I know a lot of mothers have gone through this sort of metamorphosis, and I’m curious to hear how it went for them.

I am excited to talk about things outside the world of child rearing. Thus, this blog. There is plenty to talk about as far as children and family life go. But there is sooo much more. I don’t see myself reporting on casualties in Iraq. But I would like to discuss Iraq, politics, shopping (have you checked out the new site called StyleFeeder?), new technology, and great books and movies. Really, anything that catches my attention in or outside of the house. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

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