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You know how They say that raising children will bring up some of your own issues from childhood? Hubby had an issue experience yesterday.

Hubby is one of three boys. Middle child. If you ask him, all his issues are around being raised as a middle child. Being an only child, I don’t get it. He and his brothers used to wrestle all the time, as all good siblings will do. But their wrestling would turn into knife throwing attempts at mutual assassination. There are actual holes in their home’s walls made from their heads going through. Nice. How did their mother survive?

Sunshine and Boo have just recently began wrestling around the grass like little lion cubs, chasing each other, pushing one over and wrestling around. I find it totally adorable. Sometimes one or the other might let out a little yelp, but then they go back to playing. Well, Hubby was at home yesterday while the children were still up, which is a rare occasion, and he got to witness the transformation of our children into cubs. It was great! We were sitting outside, the kids were wrestling around, and Hubby, every three seconds was nervously hollering above their giggles, “NO PUSHING!”, “DON’T ROLL TOO CLOSE TO THE BUSHES, YOU MIGHT GET SCRATCHED!”, “STAY AWAY FROM THE CONCRETE!” Looking at me with his mouth agape, I just giggled and walked inside, leaving him to work out his issues.

Easy for me to giggle now. I’m sure I’ll have my turn(s) to view my own childhood through my children. But we must giggle, anyway, right?


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The Sibling Groove

I am an only child. I now have two children, with another on the way. Doesn’t that seem just right? Friends of mine who come from large families swear to not put their children through that, and opt for one, maybe two children. Meanwhile, my friends who are only children also swear to not put their children through that.

I have two, and if it weren’t for my age, my sanity, my vericose veins, and a sad bank account, I would have a bundle more. There is nothing that gives me more joy than seeing Sunshine and Boo play togther, sit and read a book together, yell in each other’s face, or throw dinosaurs and turtles at each other.

I used to BEG my mother to have another child. Mind you, she was single, with me, during her most fertile years, so I was asking her to bite quite a bit off. I distinctly remember sitting outside by myself on the curb outside our new house in our new neighborhood (we moved a lot) and feeling so lonely. So when Sunshine gasps and says, “Boo, PLEASE give me a few moments to myself!” a smile stretches across my face.

This morning they were playing Peter Pan together while I did the morning grind. They were both Peter Pan (who wants to be Wendy, anyway?), flying around the house and singing “Think of the happiest thought, any happy little thought…” I wanted to stop time. But in nine weeks time, Baby will join the clan and I can’t help but wonder how he will fit into their world of Sunshine and Boo.

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