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As I have mentioned, March 20th is Match Day for us, and all medical students across the country. But before March 20th arrives, February 22 arrives. On February 22nd, we have to submit the list of the residency programs we want, in order of preference. Then, the programs do the same thing on their end, choosing who they want, and then on March 20th, we find out if the folks we like like us (him, really:), too.

Our top two choices right now are Portland, OR and Northampton, MA. The trouble is, they are both dreamy places to live– in very different ways.

PortlandPortland is a city, for better or for worse, beautifully planned, environmentally very progressive (all restaurants have composting and public transportation is free!), it has the Cascades on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, and it is categorized as rain forest! Since it is the west, the people are super friendly, and the schools are supposedly good. And finally, Hubby and I are from the west coast, and feel our roots there.

NorthamNorthamptonpton is a small-ish, college town, which would be refreshing after five years in the Boston area. The cost of living is far better than Portland– we could afford a house AND a sizable yard, or farm! The schools are great. It is nestled up to the Berkshire Mountains which, though no Cascades, they are intimate and beautiful just the same. And we have friends in Northampton who are some of the friendliest people we know– and who are parents who are plugged into all things Northampton. AND it would be an hour and a half from Boston and all our friends here. The move would be cheaper (much!) and easier. Selling our house and buying one there would be easier, as we could go back and forth.

But, Portland and the Pacific Northwest just sounds so dreamy. Northampton sounds so much more practical, and still dreamy…

I wish I could meet someone, preferably a mother with schoolaged children who has lived in both Northampton and Portland. Anyone?

Less than three weeks until decision-making time. (And then, after all the nail biting and comparing and stress, we may not even get our #1, or even our #2. New Haven?— really?)

What we could buy in Portland What we could buy in Northampton- check the space!

What we could buy could buy in Portland


What we could buy in Northampton


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March 20th

On March 20th, we will find if we are moving, and where we are moving. March 20th is Match Day for medical students across the county. I can see it: we will all be in some swanky hotel ballroom, there will all these 22 year old single boys and girls with large excited eyes and a bit of drool coming out the corner for their mouth. I mean, could anything be more exciting than moving and starting your first real job ever?

Then there will be Hubby and me, in a corner quietly praying. We’re not religious, but we’re frantically working on it before March 20th arrives. The prayer will sound something like this, “Oh dear one, or ones, please let a fairy fall out of our envelope that will cast a (safe a reversible) sleeping spell on our three children from mid-June until mid-July, or whenever we have fully finished our move, we have found schools for them, and Mommy has found a job. It doesn’t really matter where we end up, but please put our children to sleep for that bit of time. Oh, and if it isn’t too much trouble, please cast one more tiny spell on them so that they LOVE wherever we end up. Super. Thanks!”

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