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How does anyone have time to write, read or comment on blogs with holiday weekends away, kids starting school and melting down every three seconds, and work? Really? The past week, I have even forgone writing down a grocery list (which is a BAD idea when all my blood is in my belly anyway. I get to the store and just look around like, “Hmmmm.. all looks good, but what in the world can I ever do with any of this stuff, and why am I here?” Then I get home and wonder what we will have for dinner).I’ll get back in the saddle (if I was really ever there in the first place) again once the school gears are greased and moving, my babysitter RETURNS from vacation (!!), my husband graduates from school, and then residency, we settle someplace we’re going to stay for more than two years, the mortgage is paid off, the kids are away at college… Where did that saddle go?

Right- as soon as the kids are fully back in school (does two mornings a week qualify as “fully”), and the babysitter is back (tomorrow!), then life and it’s often seemingly mundane, but enjoyably predictable routine is back in gear, then I will hitch my saddle.

And four weeks later have a baby.


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