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Sleep and Poop

There are a couple very different things I want to write about today. Sleep and Poop. You see, I am plagued by the LACK of one and the overload of the other. Can you guess which is which? If you have ever been 7 months pregnant, you will remember that now begins the time when people see the circles under your eyes and respond, “Oh, it’s okay, your body’s just preparing for the REAL lack of sleep you’ll get when the a baby arrives.” Have you heard this before? This being my third pregnancy, I have heard it a lot. So I’m seven months along, can no longer comfortably sleep on my back, and my hips ache after 15 minutes of sleeping on one side. So I’m doing the 15-minute hop and flop, which my hubby LOVES, but would never consider complaining.

And then there’s poop. Since I have a 4+ and a 2+ child, I’m not going to complain about changing poopy diapers because it’s not so bad anymore. I am, instead, currently overwhelmed with POOPY talk. Do you get it? “Mommy, put your finger in POOP! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!”
Me: “What would you like for breakfast this morning, Sunshine?”
Sunshine: “POOP cereal. HA-ha-ha-ha-ha!”
And now even my 2+ y.o.
Boo: I’m going to sing you a song.”
Me: “You are! What song will you sing to me?”
Boo: “POOP!”
How does one respond to these comebacks that make them CRACK UP?

Here is my real concern. Boo told one of his POOP jokes to Sunshine’s preschool teacher who responded, “Ah, you must be almost three.” “But,” I wanted to say, “my daughter is almost FIVE years old and talks poop and pee everything!” So does this mean that the fascination with excrement lasts from 3-5, at least? If so, then I better buckle in because Boo has at least two more years in the Poop World, and then when Boo is 5, Baby will be 2+. Awesome. POOP!


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