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The Meaning of Summer

What is the meaning of summer? Isn’t it about play, freedom, and sun? Or is that just for the school children and the free-but-too-young-to-appreciate-it college kids?

I have mentioned before that I am thankful for the opportunity to be working and diversifying my thoughts a bit, and I AM. But I received an e-mail from my daughter’s school teachers yesterday that ended by saying “Enjoy the last days of summer.” What? I started working (out of the house) the beginning of July and now people are claiming that I have missed the summer! My children, who I expected to be at parks and beaches, dripping with BBQ sauce and popsicle juice all summer, ended up at gymnastics camps, with babysitters, and running around doing errands with me all summer. (Thank goodness for the friend who helped out and actually took the children outside to play!)

How did this happen? Is this what summer is for families where both parents work? They have to go to the beaches on the weekends, and contend with the other 5 million people who also work during the week and NEED some sandy toes and salt-crusted hair. Tricky. I need the work. I like the work. But being inside all summer bums me out– not just for me, but for Boo and Sunshine.


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