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Mary Jo Who?

Yesterday, hubby was uploading music onto our iPod (part of our on-going campaign to stay hip) to go to the gym, and when I looked at his “pumping iron” playlist, I cracked up. “Honey, I’m pretty sure there has been some good music released since AC/DC and Poison were touring.” All his songs were from our good old college, no high school days! “Yeah,” he smiled back at me, “like who?”

Smile fades.

Our entire music library, with the exception of the Once soundtrack and the Fergie album (please, who can resist the woman who gave us “My Humps“!), all our music was from 1993 and earlier. Can you guess when we graduated college? Yep, 1993. Then time stopped, in our musical coolness.

So, I’m on a mission to drag myself into the present. I used to love– no I still love music. I just have to figure out how to find out who I am, currently, in the music world. This must be what college students spend all their free time doing these days– cruising play lists, trying to find the perfect person out there who has the same tastes as you, and who has done all the hard work of searching a testing, listing and editing playlists so that we can happily and lazily freeride. I, however, 15 years out of college and barely able to find the “download this song” button on iTunes, have not had as much luck finding my perfect playlist match. Nor do I have the time. Do you think I could hire a college student to find me my perfect match. Hmmmm…

The problem there is that they would ask me what kind of music I like. Um… Salsa and Cumbia, some 80’s but nothing close to Eclipse of the Heart or Lionel Richie; R&B, unless it had too much rap or too much wining; Pop, unless the singer really has a bad voice and there is too much synthesizers; Rock, unless it too much electric guitar; Indie/Folk, great, but again with the wining….

Would anyone take me on?


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Granny Inspiration

On the way to work this morning, I looked next to me at a stop light and saw a grandma rocking out to Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley. She was in a red VW Gulf, probably stick shift, and knew every word to the song. She even did some drumming on her steering wheel (just like my high schoool boyfriend, Jim, used to do everywhere we drove, and stopped. I’m happy to say that Hubby doesn’t steering wheel drum OR air guitar).

I wanted to pull her over and ask her who she was and what her life is all about. How, I wondered, can one hold on to such positive energy after so much of LIFE. And not just sweet, old lady like positive energy, but actual jamming out energy. I am only 35, and when I jam out in my car, I feel like people are staring at ME like I’m past my jamming prime.

What an inspiration.

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