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Starting School

I dropped my daughter off at her first day of First Grade today and, though she was utterly fine, my heart felt heavy as I left the school. Not because I’m concerned about her school or teacher but because, my God, my baby is growing up! Kindergarten still felt like preschool to me: lots of play space, singing and dancing, and doodles to bring home. First grade, with the desks, workbooks, and the pencil cases, threw me over the edge. It feels like she’s on the fast track, now that first grade has begun, and soon she’ll be stuffing her car with books and music iPods, pillows and pictures and heading off to Godknowswhere while waving out the window…to a sobbing mother. I need to grow some thicker skin, or I am going to be a constant embarrassment.

Being an American, and not belonging to a particular religious sect, I am always on the look out for ritual, tradition- activities that make specific times significant and special. Like the first day of school. Following American tradition, I took my daughter out yesterday to go school supply shopping (though she didn’t need anything).  Though she LOVED picking out a notebook and buying a pencil sharpener, I am, as usual, looking for more. I just called up a couple friends who’s children just started first grade as well, and invited them to join us for an after school popsicle party.  That’s a little better– at least it doesn’t take place in a store. But what else can we do to celebrate starting school… and growing up.  I would love to hear if you do anything special for your children at the beginning of the school year, or if you have heard of any cool traditions others do. Do share!


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