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Get Serious

I have so much to say about so much that sometimes my brain feels like its sprinting in three different directions.

I read this article the other day about EcoMoms. The day proceeding this article, a friend emailed me a link to a website called EcoMom Alliance. Though it may seem like a funny picture: a group of uber-educated, wealthy women in Palo Alto lounging on the leather sofa sharing gazillion dollar bottles of wine while discussing how to manage their garden (or have Pedro manage their garden) in an environmentally sensitive way, this is exactly what we need right now. Of course, we need more people, from every sector of society, to get involved in litterally saving the planet.

Every time I talk about the environmental crisis, I see my father rolling his eyes at me. I see a lot of people rolling their eyes—at the EcoMoms, at Green Peace, at Al Gore, and at everyone who is truly doing something about this. They say that we have 20 years before global warming really wreaks havoc on our surroundings- on our children’s world. I’m sorry, but what is there not to be serious about here? And what is with the eye rolling and making fun at these people are are trying to make change happen? We have a very short amount of time to drastically change the way we are used to living… so that our children and grandchildren have even a chance.

Though people are talking more about the environment, and that is all good, how many people are really changing the way they live? I’m not. I think about it a lot. I recycle, and do the easy things. But in order to stop the mess that we have created over the past 100 years, we have to make some uncomfortable changes. Driving wherever and whenever we want, taking hot showers once or twice a day, eating meat every day, eating raspberries in February. We are so used to getting what we want and when, that we don’t stop to consider the price we’re paying for that. And it is up to us to realize that because Company U.S.A. isn’t going to remind us.

It’s time to get serious. For our kids.


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