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So, here is my idea: I want to take my children to the Dominican Republic for a bit. I lived there for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer (more on that later!), so we won’t be staying in a resort, but rather with a family I lived with.


My plan is to take them as part of the family while they’re young, and then, when they’re older, they can go by thenselves during summer break (if they are at all interested). The idea here is that they would learn how life is lived in most parts of the world, learn a new language, and have more extended family with whom they could share a life-long relationship. Oh, and also inspire them to continue their travels and explorations, write about them, photograph them, win Pulitzer Prizes…

I now have a 4 year-old girl and a 2 year-old boy. My question is: when are they old enough? I would say now. But my husband has become a paranoid medical student; certain that our children would contract every possible disease known to man and animal alike were we to take them outside the U.S. (What happened, I wonder, to my Thailand bush-thrashing hubby who didn’t spend more than 3 months at a time on U.S. territory? Right—he became a father.) What do you think about travel and children? What age is safe and reasonable? All advice welcome.


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