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Steve Songs and Superman

I have to write down this four-year-old moment before it’s gone. My children are Steve Songs addicts. Since the first concert we saw, over a year ago, they pick up their guitars every day and sing with or without his voice in thebackground. They know every word to every song; Boo wears his red shirt and jeans and jumps around with his guitar every day.

When Boo is not Steve Songs, he is Superman. (I don’t think I need to explain what Superman play looks like.) Until today, Superman and Steve Songs had never inhabited the same space in our living room– very different moods, very different play and very different costumes.

From the kitchen yesterday, this is what I hear coming from the living room (Boo is, surprisingly, not in costume of any sort):

(singing) On a flying guitar, we can go anywhere…”

“Oh no….. I’m falling from a high high high high tree. Help! My guitar!”

Different voice tone: “Don’t worry, Steve Songs [pronounce with lisp as Theve Thongs], I’ve got you.”

“Thuperman! I knew you’d save me!…. But my guitar, it’s broken!”

“No it’s not. Thee, I can fix it for you, because I’m Thuperman.”

I can’t remember how the rest of Steve and Superman’s conversation finished, but I’m sure their fast friends by now.

I love my four-year-old, and I LOVE his imagination and absolute filter-less play. Oh, that it could stay this innocent and fun, and perfect…especially for Steve.


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Guilt: Part 2 of a Series

I dropped Boo, my 2 1/2 year old boy, off at gymnastics this morning with his sister, Sunshine. Now, gymnastics, what could be more fun for the kids (other than the &!$@% sprinkler park that I cannot do anymore this summer!)? Though usually seen as fun, when I have to be at work and have a meeting with a new boss candidate, Boo decided he would rather be home baking muffins with me. Of course, were I planning on going home and baking muffins (in a quite house with my music on- glorious!!), he wouldn’t want anything to do with me. So I hold him while the other children start on the trampoline. All it takes is for him to give one go on the trampoline, and he’s hooked, gives me a kiss and I’m off- late, but at least showing up to work. (What would I have done had he not let go of me, crying and begging to go home? Would I really leave him there, crying? Would I really not show up to work because of separation anxiety?

Am I ruining my little Boo? Sunshine never had so much independence (not even a babysitter!) when she was 2. When she started school at 3.5, it was two mornings a week and I sat by the window waving and blowing kisses until pick up time. Now, I drop Boo off almost every day with friends or gymnastics with a swift kiss and hair russle. What does #3 have in store for him?

It is not like I have had a five-year break between children and I’m so excited to stay home and oogle all over Baby. I’m on the edge of SAHM burn-out. Working part-time in an office with other adults is FABULOUS. So, will I regain some of my original SAHM love with Baby comes? Please, say yes, because the guilt is already building, and he isn’t even born yet.

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