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I am a relative newbie in the blogging world. Had it not been for my editing job last year, I probably never would have even read a blog, never mind write one myself. I had pictured blogs as being these uber-opinionated stumps from which lunatics could rant, or daily mundane experts from a bored cubicle.

…And isn’t it great?!

Soon, I realized that not only are blogs fun to read (and sometimes make fun of!), but that I, too, can rant, proselytize and be mundane (and made fun of)–all within my own little world. I get to meet people from Godknowswhere, talking and thinking about the same random things I am. And the best part about writing about whatever I want every day is that I see things differently. I see a a man picking his nose in the car next to me, and I want to write about nose picking. I hear part of an argument between a mother and her son, and I want to write about who I think was right. I stub my toe and I want to write about how my grandpa used to pinch me whenever I stubbed my toe as a child, so that I wouldn’t feel the pain in my toe.

The funny and wonderful thing about blogging is that I experience my day with a little more detail; I am more aware of what quirky things are going on around me, or in my head, because I want to write about it.

And then I get to read about others’ random occurrences in the day. Who cares about Brittany Spears checking into rehab when I could read about sweatpantsmom’s hilarious back to school night at a pizza parlor? That’s real, and I dig it.



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