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How much of a good thing?

I am having a quantity debate in my head, and I am curious about what other people might think. Fist of all, how much hands-on mom and dad time is good and how much babysitter/child-care is good. I just returned to work and I am in the office 25 hours a week. Is that too much time away from my two little ones? They certainly don’t spend that time with Daddy, who is at work 80 hours a week. They spend it with friends or a babysitter. It seems like a nice balance to me, but is it for them? And how much of our lives as parents should be about them, anyway? (Topic for another conversation.)

Secondly, how many children are too much? I have two, and will have three in ten weeks. Is that too much for someone who has already hung up her stay-at-home-mom uniform? I would like to have four… but really? The thought of another pregnancy with more veins popping out all over my legs, more wrinkles, and no sleep COUPLED with struggling with that value I held (hold?) so preciously about staying at home with the children when they’re young (read: home for FIVE more years if I have four children) seems like too much. But then, what about later? When I’m no longer feeling stripped of freedom (does freedom ever actaully ever return??) and when everyone is pooping on the pot and sleeping through the night? Then, will I regret not sucking it up now and having the larger family?
How do you know how much of something is a good thing?


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