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And Baby Makes Three

My last entry was Sept. 2006. Can you guess when Baby was born. October 2006. I don’t think I need to explain more, so I’ll just jump back in where I left off.


So now I’m home with THREE, still married to med student (who graduates in four months– woohoo!, but then years more of residency….), and yes, still searching for that ever elusive balance. Is there a mother who is not? Is there a human who is not? Well, I’m a Libra, so maybe I’m projecting a bit.

Anyway, my new idea is this: Blogging madness. Why? Because I love to write, and if I ever make any money doing it, it will finally justify paying a babysitter while I write. And I really want to find that perfect balance… spending quality time with the children (yes, that even includes folding the laundry next to them while they watch Word Girl), quality time with the hubby (who?), and doing at least three things that are totally Keegan. Bang, writing is one, and then maybe a yoga class once a week, and…ooohh, an art nook in the attic, with big canvases and messy oils, bottles of wine, and groovy music all for meeeee after the kids are in bed. Does that sound reasonable? Is there any way to keep the kids out of my art nook?

So I have ideas for three, yep three blogs that I’m really excited about. I will have to balance out all this Keegan activity, though, won’t I? Art nook S, T, Th.; Blogging M, W, F. Kids all day every day. Hubby… Saturday night?

God, I hope I follow through. I am one of those people, God love us, who had grandiose plans, I mean really exciting, keep you up at night plans, but then I get distracted. Easily and often, and usually by another grandiose plan. Time will tell…. or not.


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